Ciccone Pharma Whey Isolate (50 servings)

Ciccone Pharma Whey Isolate (50 servings)


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Whey Isolate is one of the most complete forms of protein available and lacks carbohydrates, fats, cholesterol and lactose.

One single serving of Whey Protein Isolate will provide your body with all of the Amino Acids it needs to promote ideal health results from a workout or any other fitness effort.

Whey Protein Isolate also contains high levels of Leucine, Cysteine and various other Branched Chain Amino Acid profiles. These elements make it ideal for individuals who want to nourish their body and promote a healthy lifestyle, whilst consuming high levels of pure protein with almost zero fat and sugar.

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Chocolate, Cinnabun, Vanilla, Chocolate Turkish Delight


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