Evolve Nutrition Muscle Grow (5kg)

Evolve Nutrition Muscle Grow (5kg)


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Muscle Grow Meal Replacement is the ultimate meal replacement formula developed specifically for people who work hard to create a better body. Unlike ordinary meal replacement products, Muscle Grow Intensive Superfood contains a premium blend of high biological value proteins scientifically engineered to build lean muscle. Distinctive features of “Pro Protein” are contained in special amino acid ratios tailored to provide optimum nutrient uptake, high nitrogen retention and glutamine replenishment for maximum muscle repair and recovery.

Each nutrient dense serving also combines energy rich complex carbohydrates, minus the fats and simple sugars, with a healthy compliment of vitamins and minerals for sustained energy and ultimate health! And, perhaps best of all, this calorie compact meal supplement is absolutely delicious and super easy to use so you’ll look forward to each and every shake. So don’t short change your workouts! If you want a second rate body, get a second rate meal replacement, if you want the best…..get Muscle Grow!

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Chocolate, Lime, Strawberry, Vanilla