Evox Alpha Pre-Surge Extreme


Evox Alpha Pre-Surge Extreme

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EVOX ALPHA PRE-SURGE EXTREME is the most advanced, high strength pre-workout available on the market today! Scientifically formulated to include the most important performance nutritional technology available, to help you augment your performance levels by manipulating your pre-workout performance levels and intra-workout recovery capacity.

EVOX ALPHA PRE-SURGE EXTREME has been developed to include a unique combination of ingredients, which have all been shown to improve exercise fatigue tolerance levels by enhancing your output capacity, thereby warding off lethargy and accelerating gains, increasing your muscle pump and elevating mental alertness for the ultimate in performance levels.

The underpinning of this high strength pre-workout is the HYPER-ENERGY STACK, containing 320mg of Caffeine Anhydrous, supported by the addition of Green Coffee-Bean Extract and Green Tea Extract. Our unique SURGE-M-VOL STACK supports aggressive vasodilation and hypercellular volumisation for increased muscle pumps, dense intra-muscular nutrient pooling and accelerated lean mass gains.

The CREA-SURGE LOAD feeds off the benefits of the HYPER-ENERGY STACK, with the bi-creatine and BCAA formula being delivered and overloaded into the working muscle tissue mass for rapid ATP production and recovery, longer lasting sets and heavier lifts.

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