Evox Thermo Shred Powder (200g)

Evox Thermo Shred Powder (200g)


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EVOX ALPHA THERMO SHRED POWDER is the most explosive, high strength powder-based weight management aid available today.

Formulated to include only the most select, proven lipotropic and thermogenic ingredients, such as the 240mg of caffeine anhydrous per serving, to elevate your core thermal temperature and force a surge in fat burning activity while protecting your lean muscle mass.

With an added 600mg of our Green Tea Extract (EGCG) – Green Coffee Bean Extract (Chlorogenic Acid) combination, which enhances your lipotropic state and pumps up your noradrenaline levels. Green Tea Extract (EGCG) is loaded with polyphenols for added liver and antioxidant support.

Developed to enhance fat and carbohydrate oxidization, support and sustain regulated blood glucose levels, suppress your appetite and eliminate cravings while keeping you energized between servings.


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