My Wellness Jenna Carmen Beauty Lean


My Wellness Jenna Carmen Beauty Lean

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Beauty Lean is a powerful youth preserving and fat metabolizing agent that uses key ingredients that act synergistically together to enhance fat metabolism as well as both internal and external cell anti-ageing within the human body.

N-Acetyl – Carnitine

– Shuttles fuel (in the form of fatty acids ) to your muscle mitochondria , which ramps up your energy production and can increase endurance. It also pushes your metabolism towards fat burning while you work out .

– An antiageing nootropic , or ” smart drug “, meaning it helps your brain perform better. The acetyl group on it lets it pass your blood-brain barrier and reach your brain and nerves, where it can improve mood , learning and memory.

Green Tea Extract

– Fights inflammation and slows ageing of cells due to anti-oxidants . It can lessen the wrinkle development and make your skin appear brighter and younger.

Nicotinic Acid

– Nicotinic acid has the potential to act as an anti-oxidant , can improve epidermal barrier function, decrease skin hyper-pigmentation , reduce fine lines and wrinkles , decrease redness/blotchiness , decrease skin yellowness, and improve skin elasticity

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