My Wellness Super Keto-Bolic Muscle Meal (1.2kg)



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Based on current scientific research Keto-Bolic Muscle Meal is on the cutting edge when it comes to achieving desirable muscle to body fat ratios and caters to both the Ketogenic lifestyles as well as the hard gainers looking for quality calories.

Those on ketogenic diets or fasting intermittently will appreciate the lower glycaemic load and the perfect composition of fats, protein and carbohydrates in this product to maintain ketosis and provide quality calories . A convenient, tasty and nutrient dense meal providing the right macronutrients to stay in ketosis.

For those not on a ketogenic diet but looking to pack on lean muscle, less is more. Gram for gram Keto-bolic Muscle Meal has 2x as many calories as regular muscle builders therefore the serving sizes are considerably smaller but considerably more intelligent in helping to build lean muscle. Men need to eat plenty of dietary fat in order for testosterone levels to thrive because testosterone is a fat-based hormone, meaning that quality dietary fats need to be present in your body in order for your hormones to perform optimally. Keto-bolic Muscle Meal ensures enough fat is present to help sustain optimal testosterone production.

– Low Carb Keto and Intermittent Fasting Meal 

– Focused on Building Lean Muscle 

– Gram for Gram 2 x The Calories of Regular Muscle Meals 

– Intelligent Calories from High Energy Fats 

– Very Low Insulin Spike Compared to Normal Meal Replacers

– Great for Hard Gainers looking for Quality Calories

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