My Wellness Nature’s Casein Protein

My Wellness Nature’s Casein Protein


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My Wellness Nature’s Casein is a perfect addition to your muscle building and repair regime as it works in a way that no other protein does. Focused on sustained release of amino acids over 8 hours, it feeds muscles whilst you sleep.

Using the best available caseins and including GABA, a known Grown Hormone Stimulator and sleep aid, as well as colostrum, which is high in natural insulin like growth factors, this product is amazing when taken before bed. It is essential to have enough sleep in order to stimulate natural growth hormone, and this product with assist in helping the body fall into sleep mode naturally.

In Summary:

– Casein is a slow digesting protein, that will ensure your muscles have all the amino acids they need whilst you sleep.

– GABA helps to calm an overactive nervous system and assist in growth hormone production.

– Colostrum is crucial for the development and growth of newborns and is very high in growth factors beneficial to muscle repair and immune function.

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