ProSupps Crash (60 Capsules)


ProSupps Crash (60 Capsules)

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Crash is formulated to help reduce body-fat, support the adrenal system, lower cortisol and reset your natural “hormonal clock” for an optimized metabolic rate. Inducing a deep REM sleep while using natural uncoupling agents Crash will add a new dimension to your fat loss quest. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  • Adrenal System Support
  • Supports deep REM sleep
  • Infused with GABA and Valerian Root
  • Cortisol Control


  • Can I use CRASH even if I sleep during the day?

    Yes, CRASH will improve your sleep/wake cycle whether you sleep during the day or evening.

  • Can I use CRASH with my prescription sleep aid?

    Please consult with your prescribing physician concerning this question.

  • Will CRASH knock me out?

    No, CRASH is formulated to help you relax so sleeping is more likely and more efficient.

  • Is Crash addictive?

    No, the ingredients in Crash will not make you dependent.

  • Will I wake up feeling groggy?

    No, you will wake up feeling well rested and refreshed.


As a dietary supplement, take 1 or 2 capsules 30 minutes prior to bedtime. Do not exceed 3 capsules. Most users get desired effects from 1 capsule.





  1. One of my favourite Prosupps products. We often think we are getting enough sleep but what everyone ignores is the quality of the sleep you are getting. I include this product every month because you can instantly feel the benefits. You experience a very deep sleep and wake up very refreshed. Awesome product

  2. These crash tabs are insane… they help me relax every evening for bed and help me go into a deep peaceful sleep

  3. Best sleep I’ve had since I’ve taken the pill form of crash! You don’t wake up feeling groggy but rather refreshed and energized the next day. Great product.

  4. This is a fantastic product! Sleep is so important for recovery. Crash really helps one get a great nights sleep. On waking I feel rested not groggy and ready for the day .

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