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Purge Sports NeuroX


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Purge Sports Neurox is a Nootropic & intense focus supplement. Purge Sports has put together and launched NeuroX exclusively in Australia. Like all of the products we’ve seen thus far from Purge, NeuroX features a packed out formula with every ingredient of course, openly and transparently dosed.

The nutrition panel is broken down into two parts; one group of ingredients for energy and the other for focus and mental performance. On the energy side, NeuroX includes 100mg each of Dynamine and Octopamine, and three sources of caffeine, providing an intense 425mg per serving. Making up the other half of Purge Sports’ nootropic supplement are all of its features for focus. That area comes with highlights such as 50mg of the branded Kanna Ease sceletium tortuosum, 125mg rhodiola, and half a gram each of tyrosine, lion’s mane, and choline bitartrate.

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