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Prohormone and rapid vasodilation agent

Vaso-SD is the ultimate addition to the quest for lean muscle gains. This is our most powerful product and is sure to result in massive size and strength increases.

Vaso-SD contains two capsules per serving. The black capsule contains strength and muscle building ingredients consisting of Tribulus Terrestris as well as a powerful anabolic activator. The white capsule contains vasodilation and muscle pump inducing ingredients consisting of Agmatine Sulphate and a powerful libido boosting agent.

Vaso-SD is perfect for those looking to make maximum muscle and strength gains without compromising on muscle hardness and density. Also noticeable is a pronounced increase in vascularity during and after workouts and greatly increased sexual performance.

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Sweet Apple, Vanilla Chai


  1. Amazing product! Picked up 4kg in one month of use and the libido was sky high. Highly recommend!

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