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SSA Supplements 100% Whey Isolate (750g)


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SSA Supplements 100% Whey Isolate offers a higher potency of benefits when compared to whey concentrate.

The production of whey isolate ensures the refinement of its ingredients, and its amino acid profile is higher. As a result:

The protein content per serving is higher.
The fat count is reduced.
The carbohydrate count is reduced.

Other fillers typically found in whey protein blends are eliminated.
Additionally, the lactose found in whey isolate is reduced by over 70% to a practical value of close to nil. Individuals with lactose intolerance issues will find this design of whey protein to be friendlier and easier for the digestive system to handle.

SSA Supplements Whey Isolate is low temperature cross flow microfiltered to provide a full spectrum of bioactive whey proteins including Beta-lactoglobulin, Alpha-lactalbumin, Immunoglobulin and Glycomacropeptides.

It contains whey isolate for extra quick and better absorption. The product is virtually free of fat, lactose and cholesterol containing the highest source of BCAAs, highest Bioavailability and highest nitrogen retention percentage compared to other protein sources.

For individuals who are sensitive to whey products, SSA Supplements Whey Isolate will leave you less bloated with no upset stomach than whey concentrate.

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