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SSA Supplements Superior Probiotic is a well-crafted probiotic and digestive enzyme supplement. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria to support a healthy gut ecosystem. The SSA development team chose to use the high-quality LactoSpore® brand of probiotics, with each capsule providing 1 Billion CFU.

Combined with probiotics is a blend of digestive enzymes which aid in the ‘breaking down’ and absorption of food.

Once again SSA has spared no expense in delivering a truly quality product with the use of Digezyme®. Another branded product containing Alpha-Amylase, Lipase, Lactase, Cellulase and Neutral Protease. Enzymes which help with starch, fats, fibre and protein.

We have reviewed and seen many supplements over the years. SSA Supplements Superior Probiotic has set a new standard for gut health and support

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