SSN Origins BCAA Powder (40 Servings)


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With SSN ORIGIN SERIES BCAA 3:1:1, you get a super anabolic, branched chain amino acid complex with an ideal blend of L-Leucine (3 grams), L-Valine (1 gram) and L-Isoleucine (1 gram). Whilst BCAAs provide valuable anti-catabolic support by helping reduce muscle breakdown during training and/or whilst dieting, as well as supporting energy and even fat loss, the major benefit of BCAAs to weight trainers is their ability to support muscle growth. Of the three, L-Leucine is considered the most valuable in this regard as a result of its ability to activate the “mTOR pathway”, a biochemical process which ramps up muscle protein synthesis and therefore muscle growth.

Research suggests that adding extra leucine to post-workout protein and carbohydrate drinks can significantly increase muscle protein synthesis over just taking protein and carbs alone. SSN BCAA 3:1:1 is loaded with muscle protein synthesis stimulating L-Leucine and provides an ideal combination of BCAAs to not only reduce muscle breakdown, but importantly fuel muscle development and increase lean body mass.


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