Supplements SA Thermo Incinerate (120 capsules)


Supplements SA Thermo Incinerate (120 capsules)

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Thermogenic Optimizer

The ingredients that constitute Thermo Incinerate are only those that have been shown in university trials to have clinical proven thermogenic effects, and which target fat in particular around the waistline. A significant increase in total resting metabolic rate is achieved by

1.  Caffeine, a stimulator of norepinephrine

2. The polyphenol, EGCG, in Green Tea Extract

3.Coleus forskoli is both a T3 thyroid hormone and a HSL agonist which leads to the breaking down of stored fat, and as an extra benefit stimulates the release of testosterone

4. Naringin and white willow bark prolong the time spent in the body by thermogenics.


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