Xtreme Nutrition Mass 4kg (40 Servings)

Xtreme Nutrition Mass 4kg (40 Servings)


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From the biggest name in Supplements in South Africa we are proud to present you with our house brand . Designed by CEO Kieron Phillips after 11 years in the supplement industry. Importing the latest products from the biggest brands in the supplement industry. A local product was needed to cater for the athlete that wants a good quality product at a reasonable price with a great taste.

-Tested and trusted by SA Rugby player Jesse Kriel.

-Increase Muscle Mass and Size

-33g Protein per serving

-60g Carbohydrates (Patented Cluster Dextrin)

-20 Vitamins and Minerals and 3g of Creatine

Xtreme Mass is for active individuals that struggle to put on mass or someone that wants to add on size without getting fat. Each serving of Xtreme Mass provides high quality protein and carbohydrate to help increase size and strength. Having a fast metabolism makes it difficult to consume enough calories in order to gain muscle mass. Xtreme Mass is packed with enough macronutrients to fill in those extra calories and help you achieve your desired weight.

How to use Xtreme Mass?

Shaker- Put two scoops Xtreme Mass in a shaker and fill 350ml water or milk. Close the lid tightly and mix. Tip – Carrying a shaker with Xtreme Mass inside already saves you time and a big mess. Then enjoy!

Blender – Add two scoops Xtreme Mass to a blender in 200ml water or milk. Blend for 10 seconds and add an ice cube or two if needed. Blend for 15 Seconds. Then enjoy!


Consume 1-3 Servings daily as a Post workout, Breakfast or any time of the day.


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Chocolate Brownie, Strawberry, Vanilla


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