My Wellness Hard Mass GF (2kg)

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My Wellness Superstacked Hard Mass GF has arrived to help you smash through your muscle building barriers and help you achieve your goals. The shake is great tasting and has
been developed by scientists to provide you with the following benefits :

Carbohydrates that are in perfect combination delivering excellent glycogen replacement. It can been shown that a combination of high and low molecular weight carbohydrates are best for glycogen replenishment. Potato and Rice starch are perfect partners to create muscle fullness post-training.

Anabolic Micro-nutrients in the form of a superstack to enhance your muscle-building potential. Muscular focused amino acids and metabolites have been included to further assist in providing a complete solution for hard-gainers.

Hyper-Grow Stack: This is a combination of direct muscle growth macronutrients consisting of Creatine and Taurine which deliver results.

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Chocolate, Vanilla