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SSA Supplements Anabolic Muscle 908g


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SSA Supplements Anabolic Muscle 908g is the ultimate supplement for extreme mass gain.

Made specifically for the hard gainer, this calorie-dense shake will help you get the nutrients you need to put on both size and strength to beat your goals.

SSA’s Anabolic Muscle Stack consists of 4x Carbohydrate sources to efficiently restore muscle glycogen and a Multi-Staged protein blend for a steady release of amino acids to promote strength and size like never before.

With its Hypertrophic Muscle Complex – Glycine, Creatine and Taurine to promote nitrogen retention and increase recovery and strength, Anabolic Muscle Stack is your go-to Mass Gainer of choice.

• All-In-One Mass Builder
• Increases Muscle Size and Strength
• Added Creatine Monohydrate

When do I take it?

Drink within 30 minutes after your workouts. Have a second serving during the day to meet your daily nutritional needs.

How do I take it?

Depending on your dietary requirements, mix 200ml cold water or milk for every 75g scoop. Hard-Gainers can take up to 3x scoops (225g) per serving, while individuals seeking more lean gains can take 1 to 2 scoops (75g to 150g) per serving. Consume 2 servings per day with 2 to 3 balanced meals.

Contains: Cow’s Milk, Soy Protein

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