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TNT Mercury B-110DA – EAA


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TNT Mercury B-110DA – EAA  – These amino acids are necessary to sustain life and provide many critical building blocks that support muscle recovery, function and immune response. These factors will impact significantly on an athlete’s performance and endurance. The emphasis on whole protein sources being consumed on regular intervals by athletes, that are striving for physical excellence, cannot be underestimated. The EAA component of a whole protein is the part most desired in pursuit of this goal.

EAA supplementation has been shown to improve the health span and metabolic health, by reducing body weight, increasing immune homeostasis, preventing oxidative damage, and enhancing muscle protein synthesis and physical endurance.

Essential Amino Acids Fuel Muscle Protein Synthesis and research has shown that supplementing with Essential Amino Acids can increase your body’s Anabolic Muscle Building response to every training session!

There are 20 total amino acids with 9 considered essential and 11 considered non-essential. In addition to forming proteins, including muscle protein, amino acids are also an energy source for several bodily functions, including muscle function. These are histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine. Although your body can make nonessential amino acids, it cannot make essential amino acids, so you have to get them from your diet. After you eat protein, your body breaks it down into amino acids and then uses them for various processes, such as building muscle and regulating immune function

  • EAA Beef Profile Specific
  • Superior muscle-building protein synthesis
  • Zero Fat | Zero Carbs | Vegan Friendly


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