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TNT Mercury Magma Burn


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TNT Mercury Magma Burn contains the patented ingredient Sinetrol. Sinetrol is a natural combination of citrus and guarana polyphenols specifically designed to improve fat loss. Clinical Trials have been published supporting the claim of Sinetrol’s ability to reduce fat mass and improve long-term body composition. Sinetrol attains this by way of its patented mechanism of action on the physiological pathways of lipolysis. Sinetrol mimics adipose phenotype change, the body storing of adipose cells to its energy metabolism-driven of adipose cells.

A key ingredient of TNT Mercury Magma Burn is the wonder fat loss ingredient Rauwolscine, which is a plant molecule alkaloid found in the Yohimbe plant. It is also known as Alpha Yohimbine or Isoyohimbine as it is very similar to yohimbine but is more potent. Its mechanism of fat burning is by blocking the Alpha 2 receptor, much like Yohimbe. This receptor is responsible for the body’s fat storage. Besides these factors, Rauwolscine is also associated with libido-boosting and mood enhancement and its positive effect on hypertension.

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