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Applied Nutrition Cream of Rice (2kg)


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Applied Nutrition’s Cream of Rice is a great source of carbohydrates which is easy on the stomach and tasty too. Suitable for vegans, this is an excellent source of energy to keep you feeling full and fuelled ready for the day ahead.


PERFECT FOR BREAKFAST AND SNACKING: Applied Nutrition’s Cream of Rice is the perfect start to your day. It is packed full of energy that will keep you going all morning. It is also a quick pick me up for whenever you feel you need a little boost throughout the day.

5 TASTY FLAVOURS: The unflavoured Cream of Rice supplement is delicious, but it is only natural to want to mix it up every now and then. You can choose from apple crumble, golden syrup, raspberry ripple or toffee biscuit when you fancy a treat.

SOURCE OF COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES: Every 30g serving contains 25g of complex carbohydrates. This makes Cream of Rice a great source of energy to power you through your day or to fuel your next workout. As an added bonus, it is low in both fat and sugar.

SUITABLE FOR VEGANS: Cream of Rice can be adapted to different dietary needs, because everyone should be able to enjoy a tasty snack. It can be prepared with water, making it suitable for vegans to consume while being a great energy supplement. It is also a Halal certified product.

EASY TO PREPARE: Applied Nutrition have made it incredibly easy to prepare Cream of Rice. 1 scoop is approximately a 30g serving, which can then be mixed with water or milk and popped in the microwave for 2 minutes. It is perfect when you are on the go and in a hurry.

Cream of Rice
Applied Nutrition is on a mission to revolutionise sports nutrition. Gone are the days of tasteless carbohydrate supplements that leave a horrible after taste. There is no reason to compromise and Cream of Rice comes in 5 fabulous flavours to brighten up your day. If you love the taste of rice pudding, unflavoured is a great option. However, if you are looking to treat yourself, you can choose between apple crumble, golden syrup, raspberry ripple and toffee biscuit flavours. If you order a couple of different flavours, you can add a little bit of variety to your breakfast or quick snacks.

Cream of Rice is the perfect breakfast supplement. It is easy on the stomach and rich in carbohydrates, keeping you feeling full and energised throughout your morning. Because it is quick to prepare, you will not have to miss the most important meal of the day when you wake up late. This also makes it suitable for snacking. There are two ways to prepare your high carbohydrate supplement. You can either mix 1 scoop with 100-150ml of boiled water, stir well, leave it for 1-2 minutes or mix 1 scoop with 100-150ml cold milk or water, pop it into the microwave for 2 minutes, stir and enjoy. When made with water, Cream of Rice is suitable for vegans. It is also a Halal certified product so as many people as possible can benefit.

Each 2kg pack contains 67 servings and each 30g serving contains 25g of complex carbohydrates. This means Cream of Rice is low in sugar and fat, and packed full of pure energy. This is a great boost before a workout and will help you exercise for longer or power you through short bursts of high-intensity training.

When using Applied Nutrition, you are in good company as they are used by some of the world’s elite athletes as part of their training regime. This is because Applied Nutrition is run by an expert team of passionate sports nutrition enthusiasts. We work hard to provide state of the art products from our in-house manufacturing facility, ensuring that you get the best, purest product.


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