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Dragon Pharma Whey Phorm (2lb)


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Dragon Pharma’s Whey Phorm is packed with 25g of the highest quality protein in each serving for your post-workout needs, or to hit your daily protein goals when you’re on the go.

WheyPhorm consists of 2 different types of protein, whey isolate and whey concentrate. This combination contributes to both a premium taste and texture.

We always take the time and effort to create flavours that are simply second to none. WheyPhorm is the only whey protein that has real gourmet flavors. It mixes easily and has a superbly smooth mouthfeel.

It’s much easier to stick to a supplement regimen when you actually enjoy (or crave!) what you’re drinking!

WheyPhorm is a perfectly balanced blend of whey isolate and whey concentrate, packed 25g of the highest quality protein in each serving

Whey Protein Concentrate

Containing 80% protein content per gram, WPC is a traditional source of protein as it contains high levels of growth factors including IGF-1, TGF-1 and TGF-2. Containing a rich amino acid profile and a high bioavailability, WPC also contains beneficial components including natural lipids including conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and high levels of naturally occurring immunoglobulins and lactoferrin that can contribute to immune system health and metabolism. One issue that some may have with WPC is that is naturally will have a higher lactose content compared to that of a WPI or WPH protein, making it not an ideal choice for some.

Whey Protein Isolate

Often regarded as one of the purest forms of whey protein, WPI contains an average of 90% of its weight coming from protein with minimal lactose and fat, which is great news for those sensitive to lactose and looking to keep their calories in check. It is fast digesting, contains high levels of the anabolic amino acid leucine and has minimal fats or lactose.


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