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Clinically Backed Musclebuilding Formula
MuscleTech® Pro Series Muscle Builder features a scientifically dosed key ingredient that will help you boost strength and performance.­ Hard-training subjects, in a 12-week human scientific study, gained 8.8 lbs. of lean muscle versus the placebo group, which only gained 4.6 lbs. – that’s 90% more lean muscle! In another part of the same study, test subjects increased muscle thickness by 96% more than the increase for the placebo group! The same subjects experienced an increase in strength that was 147% more than the strength increase achieved by the placebo group!

Each serving of MuscleTech® Pro Series Muscle Builder delivers 400mg of adenosine 5?-triphosphate disodium (PEAK ATP®) for enhanced strength and muscle performance. PEAK ATP® is a powerful and unique ingredient that not only delivers some of the most intense muscle pumps you’ve ever felt, but it also delivers real gains in strength and muscle!

Research suggests this key ingredient increases anabolic signalling by activating the mTOR pathway – one of the body’s protein synthesis regulators, energy sensors and nutrient sensors of amino acid availability — a vital step in musclebuilding.

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